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Austin Parks Stewart
The Focal Length Of Your Dreams

The 40mm Vista Prime is a fantastic addition to the set, its sharp, has character, zero breathing. 40 is a personal favorite/go to focal length of mine when paired with a LF size sensor.

Melody Tash
Beautiful lens

Wow, this is a fantastic lens. I cannot wait until I have a full set. Beautiful bokeh. Clean, warm, inviting image. I was a little wary at first to purchase because I had heard this lens was a bit on the heavy side, but I've used it on several documentary shoots so far and no complaints at all. No breathing, a dreamy image and within budget. Win-win-win!

Peter Choi
There's nothing like this

As a owner of Supremes, I always thought the Vista's would be a poor man's Zeiss. Without having ever seen any Vista's before, let alone tried them, I took a gamble on the Vista One's to introduce to Singapore.  Absolutely loved them- they're not a poor man's anything - just simply some of the best lenses money can buy.  The incredible price is simply a a benefit..   On the back of how great the optics are, and the positive feedback from DP's using my lenses, I bought a set of Vista Primes as well.  It's completely worth having both sets as they offer very different looks.  There aren't other choices where you can have an image this clean, free of aberrations, free of distortion, and free of breathing.  Vista's will easily last the test of time and be versatile to use on any project.

Nick Nanton
Game Changers

We switched over to these lenses from a bunch of other highly recommended lenses, and these are by far the best I have ever used. They give everything the cinematic quality that we’ve been chasing. I HIGHLY recommend you try them. Build quality is also excellent.

Dillon Schneider
Beautiful glass at price point thats in reach

There are a ton of well designed high end glass options on the market today. There are only a few that have outstanding optical qualities but are priced within reach for most of us. Tokina has delivered that with the Vista prime set. Amazing optics that open up more opportunities for me and my producers. Large format is becoming my favorite cinematic process and these primes are finding their way into my recipe more and more often. - D. Schneider | ICG 600


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