Vista Prime T1.5


Vista Prime T1.5 - Arri PL / 18mm is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

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Dillon Schneider
Beautiful glass at price point thats in reach

There are a ton of well designed high end glass options on the market today. There are only a few that have outstanding optical qualities but are priced within reach for most of us. Tokina has delivered that with the Vista prime set. Amazing optics that open up more opportunities for me and my producers. Large format is becoming my favorite cinematic process and these primes are finding their way into my recipe more and more often. - D. Schneider | ICG 600

Ross Hamil
More bang than buck

In a world where everyone seems to want to compete in cinema lenses, there has been only one set of lenses we've used over and over to complete satisfaction.
The Tokina Vistas. From regional Super Bowl ads, to international short films, the Vistas have been incredible workhorses.
They resolve very well and produce an incredible image without feeling too sharp or too "video." Shooting at 4k or 6k, and cropping to 1080 does not leave the image soft.
Another perk is the interchangeable mounts. We run all EF and M43 mounts, and swapping the mounts is very easy.
The best part is that, even though they are very moderately priced, they compete with lenses with a 10x(+) price tag.
They are, by far, our favorite lenses to have shot on and we love using them every chance we get.

Jonny Zeller

I recently directed a product shoot and the DP wanted to try them out. I was really happy with the look and even more importantly, the DP said he'd definitely use them again.

Ahmed Bouazzaoui
Filmmaker / Producer

Amazing Lenses. Well constructed for a longevity and Performance. Very Sharp and have a special beautiful look., Beautiful Green flares. Competing with 5x more expensive lenses. Plus. The Tokina Team are exceptionnel and Gréât Great customer service. Thank you Tokina Cinema for these amazing lenses.

Eric Schwantes
High end cine primes - for less

These primes are great. I’ve currently got 3 - the 25, 50 and 85. They’re fast, super clear but with just the right amount of character. The focus rings are smooth and crisp. 0 focus breathing. I’m planning on adding more in the near future.


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