Corey Jenkins



I am an advertising photographer / director based in Miami, Florida with a focus mainly on sports and fitness subjects. I started out filming whatever my friends and I were doing after school whether it be mountain biking, skateboarding, or just having a good time. These early shoots developed my love for shooting action. I’ve been grateful to work for some of the top brands in the fitness industry and cinematography has brought me all over the world for shoots. Film school just wasn’t for me so I jumped right into an amazing internship working for some of the type guys in the industry. I learned a lot during this time and built up my portfolio as much as I could as I started to get more work. I do a mix of both photography and cinematography and find that a lot of the things you learn from one can cross over to the other. It’s great getting booked on jobs to do both as you can keep the style consistent which keeps clients happy along with getting paid more. I shoot almost exclusively on RED cameras and Tokina Vista lenses. I find they offer a sharpness, clarity, and workflow that I’m used to from still cameras which is great for keeping my overall style similar.