Michael is a cinematographer/director working out of Las Vegas Nevada.  He was born and grew up on the island nation of Taiwan, where he discovered his love for the movies by watching the Shaw Brother's Martial Art epics, Bruce Lee films and fantastical imports like "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad" and "Jason and the Argonauts".  After moving to Seattle at 13, he started filming little projects with his friends on super 8, both in front of and behind the camera.  At 24 Michael moved to Los Angeles and pursued an acting career and was in several movies and television shows, all the while shooting his own projects on the side.  Michael's main inspiration to move behind the camera was his uncle, K Su, who was a cinematographer back in the 60's and he was mentored by the great James Wong Howe, before becoming one of the head editors for NBC's network news out of Burbank.  Look for the films: Automation, Art of the Dead and Attack of the Unknown all shot with Tokina Vista Primes.

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