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Tim DaGraca
AMAZING Super Wide Angle for the Red Komodo

I absolutely love this lens and so glad I got it. The funny thing is, I wasn’t expecting to buy a super wide angle (figured I’d be super happy with JUST the beastly 25-75 midrange workhorse because I’m so impressed with that lens) but this lens kept calling me for a few reasons.

1. It’s compact compared to the other zooms in the lineup. I needed a walk around, vlog-capable lens and this fits that bill incredibly well especially since I’m on an S35 sensor on the Red Komodo. It balances incredibly well handheld and all the rings (zoom, focus, aperture) are dampened the way you’d expect. The focus ring is the smoothest so you can quickly change focus, the zoom ring is tighter (but still smooth) so you don’t lose your focal length by carrying it about, and the aperture ring is smooth too, and consistently sits at the right T stop (it’s de-clicked) so there’s no bump that will knock it about.

The focal length lets me capture the majority of my environment with minimal (if any distortion) among the edges. I don’t feel like limbs or faces are too elongated at all, especially at close focusing distances which is just around 12-13” inches. There slight chromatic aberration (but beautiful purple flaring) on the wide end when incredibly bright sources of light are behind your subject or in the distance when you’re wide open at T/2.8. It hasn’t posed any issues and I love the character of the lens. It’s sharp and contrasts, but can definitely give some character when light hits it a certain way.

Beyond being able to capture the entire environment, I can zoom in without any disturbance to the focus point and have a standard 20mm (30mm FF equivalent) lens for when I need a tighter shot.

2. It has an incredibly close focusing distance compared to the other zooms and this is particularly helpful when you want to get close to the action and still retain your environment. While there’s not really any distortion, focusing closely on faces can change the magnification just a bit on the wide end, but it’s nothing to be worried about. It’s artistic any way lol.

3. This focal length lets you capture slow motion in the red Komodo (since there’s a crop) without being too tight on a shot as is with other lenses already in the normal focal ranges.

All in all, this lens hasn’t really been taken off my Komodo because I just love how the aesthetics, functionality, and image it produces all blend together for a great set up.

To see some YouTube content I created with this lens, please check out

If you decide to buy this lens you won’t be disappointed. It’s stellar!

Hoon Cheung Wong
Zoom ring is very stiff and tight

Thank you, I have received the 11-20mm lens. But the zoom ring is relatively tight and stiff compared to the iris and focus ring. How do I make it smoother? When I posted the question, the technical support reply promptly and provide excellent explanation.

Beau Kester
B-E-A-Utiful lens!

I'll tell you what, this is a remarkable lens. We really what this compact zoom has to offer us. The fact that you have this zoom range, this compact, and this price is amazing. I highly recommend anyone to own this lens. Its really wonderful!

Great compact wide zoom

The 11-20mm is a nicely made compact wide zoom and in my opinion a good investment due to its overall quality of image, mechanics and design. Having interchangeable mounts for me is critical as i use multiple systems and having three or four versions of the same lens isn’t practical. Buy once, buy right. The tokina cinema line is worth every penny and offers piece of mind.

Jonathan Giles
Huge Field of View in a Small Package

This lens is fantastic for gimbal work. Light and compact, it is sharp and has minimal distortion for a superwide. The image quality is excellent for the price point. Tokina's customer service is top-notch. I highly recommend this lens for your kit.


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