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Pierangelo Barone

Pierangelo was born in Valencia, Venezuela. His journey of photography began in 2017 while being in Australia. In 2020, he started his film making career in Zurich, Switzerland. From there, he has worked as a director of photography and colorist for his own productions and for other professionals. He has worked in 10 different countries this year in the commercial, fashion and music industry.

Cassius King

Cassius King was born and raised in the Bay Area and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He is the founder of LA-based The Cinema Junkies and Improvized Rentals. He is also president of the Future Filmmaker Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to working with underserved children and communities. As a director, producer, and feature filmmaker, he has worked on a variety of sets from music videos to virtual productions and commercials. Cassius loves modifying and customizing camera equipment for efficiency. 

Brian Bradley

Brian Bradley is an Oakland, CA native DP and Camera Operator currently based in Atlanta, GA. His work has been nominated for an Emmy Award in the Daytime Special category and the winner of a Silver Telly Award. His narrative work has screened at; The Atlanta Film Festival, Cleveland International Film Festival, and The African American Film Festival.

Joshua Libertine

Born in Los Angeles, CA. My journey of photography began in ‘06 while living in Las Vegas. I attended the University of Mississippi for three years before opening a photo studio in Memphis in 2013. Lived across 10+ states before moving back to Los Angeles and pursuing a film career in 2019. My daughter was born in 2022.

Josh Fields

Josh Fields is a San Francisco Bay Area based Director, DP, and Drone Operator. With his company Hatch 86 Films he shoots a variety of work including music videos, commercials, brand videos, and reality TV. He has worked on projects with Men’s Wearhouse, Bucked Up Whiskey, WWE, Toyota, Google, T-Mobile, Gold Bar Whiskey, Hockey Sauce Kit, Ambulnz, and many more. 

David Wells

David Wells is an Austin, TX-based Director of Photography. His visual style stems from a mix of his architectural background, creating symmetrical and perspective-based framing, and his run-and-gun sports documentary roots that formed his swift and intentional decision-making. David currently works primarily on commercial, narrative, and music videos. 

Joe Nicklo

Joe is a Florida based filmmaker and DP and owner of the production company, Driven Films. Prior to getting into the filmmaking industry, Joe started his career in visual arts as an Art Director working at advertising & branding agencies. His passion for creating amazing looking visuals and motorsports led him to start his studio where he and his crew specialize in creating video and photo content for various automotive brands, motorsports teams as well as clients from different markets.

Andrew Johnston

Andrew Johnston is an American Director of Photography who approaches every project with the story in mind first. This will dictate the choices taken visually with lighting and framing to help convey the emotion and psychology of the characters, their relationship in each scene, and the overall vision and look of each project. 

Daniela Mileykovsky

Daniela Mileykovsky is a Baltimore based director of photography and IATSE 600 camera operator, working on narrative films, music videos, TV shows, commercials, and documentaries. She has worked on a number of projects for networks including National Geographic, Food Network, Discovery, Netflix, BET, PBS and many more.  

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Kadian Hall-Headshot.png__PID:c6ac9c77-2870-4719-957a-40ec75f2e57f

Kadian Hall

Kadian Hall is a rising director of photography based in Los Angeles. Kadian’s passion for commercial fashion photography sparked his interest for pursuing the filmmaking industry. Kadian is originally from Hartford, Connecticut where he studied engineering at the University of Hartford.

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gravatar Bencomo 300x300.jpg__PID:9c772870-e719-457a-80ec-75f2e57f528d

Enrique Bencomo

Enrique Bencomo is a filmmaker based in Mexico City. He has been filming, directing, editing, and doing sound design for the past 15 years shooting documentaries, shorts, commercials, and movies across the world. He has shot in Nepal in the middle of an earthquake, in refugee camps in Lebanon, in Colombia in a migration crisis, in narco territory in Mexico, and in rural Kenya, to name a few.

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Curtis Boggs-Headshot.png__PID:ac9c7728-70e7-49d5-ba40-ec75f2e57f52

Curtis Boggs

Curtis Boggs captures unique and stunning images for commercials, various editorial, corporate assignments as well as TV and feature film. His work has appeared in numerous international publications, including National Geographic, Outside Traveler, Scuba Times, Rodale’s Scuba Diving, Traveler, Caribbean Travel.

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Brian Beckwith

For the last decade Brian Beckwith has been entrenched in the film and advertising world shooting everything from global campaigns, commercials and brand films, to highly stylized music videos for Grammy award winning artists, top documentary features, fashion films and narrative shorts. 

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Richard Copier

As a creative I truly feel as I’m always grabbing nostalgia and the essence of certain times and energies and recycling them into my visuals with a modern appeal. Everyone I have had the pleasure of working with I have strived to meet or exceed expectations from an artistic standpoint.

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Dylan Hahn

Dylan is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles. His directing style is rooted in intentionality, where no stone is left unturned. Dylan’s work often explores underlying themes that slowly bubble to the surface, where the devil is in the details.

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William Hellmuth

William Hellmuth is a director of photography based out of Los Angeles. He strives to create meaningful images that visually reinforce the story or themes of whatever project he's shooting. William has shot for brands like NBC, NERF, Blizzard, Sony, Honda, Listerine, and more.

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Dillon Schneider

Dillon is an LA based cinematographer. Educated at Columbia College, his life journey has taken him from the mountains of Colorado to the city of Chicago and everywhere in between. 

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Horacio Martinez

Horacio A. Martinez was born August 30th 1987 in Caracas, Venezuela. Living in Los Angeles, California.

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Julien Jarry

Julien Jarry is a New York based Director/DP specializing in documentary and commercial work for humanitarian, outdoor, and large music industry organizations and brands.

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Nick Dabas

Nick Dabas is a director of photography based in New York City. 

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Joey Helms

Joey Helms is a Chicago-based filmmaker and creative director in the advertising industry.

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Jennifer Hook

Jennifer Hook is a Cinematographer and Director based in Los Angeles specializing in handheld action/stunt sequences and adventure documentaries.

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Michael Su

Las Vegas Based Director of Photography with over 40 Indie Film Credits

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Eduardo Ramirez

Eduardo Ramirez-Gonzalez is a Colombian Cinematographer Based in Los Angeles, CA. He is currently a member of the ADFC and IMAGO.

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Neil Fernandez

Neil is a Los Angeles based Cinematographer and Director focusing on commercial work for fashion and documentary series, short films, and features.

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Francisco Campos-Lopez

Francisco is a Chilean born Jew. At the age of 18, he moved to Buenos Aires to study and pursue a filmmaker career.

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Evan Butka

Evan is a Detroit born Los Angeles based cinematographer working in narrative, commercial and music videos.

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Phil Holland

LA based cinematographer and director.

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Kevin Otterness

Kevin Otterness is a Chicago-based cinematographer and director of photography. 

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Matheus Bastos

"Never before have I felt so looked after and taken care of by a company like Tokina Cinema"

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Alexander Alexandrov

Cinematographer and commercial director.

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Joel Voelker

A love for photography and a background in post production led me down a circuitous path to becoming a cinematographer; now I can't imagine doing anything else. 

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Corey Jenkins

Miami based Advertising Photographer/Director, mainly focusing on sports and fitness subjects.

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Joe Simon

Joe Simon is a director and cinematographer based in Austin. He draws inspiration from a wide array of shooting environments, including documentary, narrative films, music videos, and commercials, to craft his unique visual style. 

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Chris Vanderschaaf

High speed cinematographer specializing in phantom cameras, robot arms, and motion control systems.

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Tony Johansson

Born and raised in Sweden, Tony started his career in film and tv by editing.

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