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Marcela Madera
The Best

I bought a set of Tokina Pro IRND filters in 4x5.65” just over a year ago and I’m so glad I did. Perfectly neutral from one density to the next, I’m still amazed at what Tokina has accomplished with this glass.

If you’re serious about neutrality and eliminating IR pollution, this is a no brainer investment in the quality of your image-making.

alex Guemes
By far the best ND’s out there!

In my career i’ve tried out a lot of ND and the Tokina Cine Pro IRND are the most neutral I’ve have ever used. They don’t get you strange colors or anything, and for the price point there is nothing out there like them, I just love them!

Big thumbs up to the Tokina crew!


These are the best ND’s ever and I have tried many on my BMPCC 6k pro. They are extremely color neutral, I would be hard pressed to detect any IR pollution or color shift if I didn’t do a side by side comparison. And for the money with the various sizes they come in, these are extremely versatile and I wouldn’t recommend any other IRND. They’re even better than the internal ND’s on my 6k pro. When I can afford a set of rectangular versions I will purchase them.

Great NDs

Great NDs. They have the least color shifts and IR pollution that I’ve seen from from NDs. Expensive! but good.

Super neutral

I’ve tried out a lot of ND and the Tokina Cine Pro IRND are the most neutral I’ve used. They are comparable to other carbon deposit based ND but generally for less cost. A bonus is the filter pouches are really nice! I’m not sure if they still do this to the filters but my set have a rubber gasket on the outside that protects them from chipping too. Love it.


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