Give Old Glass New Life

Expand the image circle of your Super35 lenses to cover Full Frame and beyond.

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PL to PL

Adapt Super35 PL lenses to expand the image circle to cover Full Frame/Vista Vision on your PL mount camera. Perfect for vintage 10x zooms from Angenieux and Cooke. Compatible with several super35 primes.

EF to PL

Adapt super35 coverage EF/EF-S mount lenses with a manual iris to cover larger formats. Perfect for photography lenses with an EF mount cinema rehousing. EF lenses with automatic iris will default to wide open with no iris adjustment.

PL to E

Adapt Super35 glass to Full Frame E mount cameras. Cover the full frame 6K sensor on popular Sony cameras using your older Super35 PL mount lenses. Open up your options well beyond available newer E mount glass.

“I use it anytime I want to throw EF glass
onto my Phantom that has PL mount.”

— Chris Vanderschaaf (In reference to the PL to EF expander)

All The Right Specs.

1.6x Expander (PL - PL) 1.6x Expander (PL - E) 1.6x Expander (EF to PL)
Focal Length Extension 1.6x 1.6x 1.6x
Optical Structure 4 Groups / 7 Elements 4 Groups / 7 Elements 4 Groups / 7 Elements
Maximum Diameter 83mm 83mm 83mm
Weight Approx. 0.3kg Approx. 0.47kg Approx. 0.3kg
Maximum Image Input 29.3mm 29.3mm 29.3mm
Maximum Sensor 46.9mm 46.9mm 46.9mm
Maximum Input T-Stop 2.0 2.0 2.0
Lens Mount PL PL EF
Camera Mount PL E PL
Length PL to PL 23.76mm
Length PL to E 57.76mm
Length EF to PL 23.76mm

Camera compatibility check.

The 1.6x Expander is compatible with lenses featuring a mount flange tab to cone tip dimension of 20mm or less. The depth of the mount beyond the flange is considered the part that goes into the camera body normally. We include a clearance checker tool with each expander to allow you to see if your lens fits the expander. Lenses with flange dimensions over 20mm in height are not compatible. Generally most zooms will have a small flange protrusion be compatible while most prime lenses below 50mm are not compatible.

Expander Reviews In The Field


EF to PL with Chris Vandershaaf

PL to PL with Alexa LF