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Brandon Petersen
Beautiful lens

I've used this lens, and the 11-20, on almost every shoot I've been on the last 9 months. The look is clean and crisp. The ranges are spot on. Focus breathing is essentially absent. The build quality is of course impeccable as well. What is there not to love about these lenses! Looking forward to adding the 50-135 to the set.

Joel Voelker
Phenomenal Lens

It is remarkable they were able to make such a clean lens with so little breathing at this price point. Beautiful optics, a compact size, and smooth mechanics for $5,000 is incredible; this lens is on par with $30,000 zooms.

Karam Singh
Beautiful lens in every way possible.

There never is a perfect lens but man does this come close! Filming for a high profile company that required a highly mobile setup this lens was a beast! It gave us a lot of versatility so we didn’t have to keep swapping out lenses. The characters and look of this lens is beautiful. This lens checked off so many boxes that required us to be able to be run and gun. You won’t be disappointed one bit with this setup.

Marc Ruiz
Great Zoom Option - Not many lenses intersect this focal length range + lens quality + price point

The best Tokina zoom yet.

Julien Jarry
A gorgeous lens!

The Tokina Cinema 25-75 is a gorgeous lens. Everything from its build to image quality is perfection.


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